COUGAR Retail Point of Sale

Best for retail, multi chain store and food business

The Leading Name in POS Solution

Cougar POS System continues to be the leading retail POS system nationwide. We offer robust capability second to none in point of sale and store operations, inventory management, retail merchandising and customer management. For years, small/medium and leading retailers in the country has chosen Cougar POS to manage their business operations. Tested, scalable, affortable and easy to use, Cougar POS is the intelligent solution for your retail and F&B management needs.

Highlight Features

Integrated System

Key operations such as Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers, Customer and Employee Management are integrated into one and can be accessed through the easy to use Command Navigator.

Data Communication Server
DCS helps exchange encrypted data securely between stores/stations any time without disrupting store/station operations. Data can be transmitted by LAN/WAN/FTP. DCS supports centralize/decentralize store operations. Exchange data with a variety of systems including CRM, ERP and Payroll.
Retail Merchandising
  • Multi-Price Levels x Price Shifts, with planned price changes
  • Data definition by style, group, department, sub-department, category and brand
  • Auto Stock Code for different inventory planning
  • Criteria based offers and promotions
  • Customer loyalty management
  • Supplier management
  • Location management
  • Cost management
Inventory Management
  • Real-time view inventory levels with inventory allocation
  • Stock balancing
  • Inter-store transfer / stock requisition, PO request
  • In-transit inventory monitoring
  • Serial number tracking
  • Attribute and size handling
Employee Management
  • Cashier tracking
  • Sales performance/productivity reports
  • Commissions, time and attendance, monthly forecast for sales targeting.
Inventory Management
  • Preparation ( e.g. steak preparation rare, medium or well done )
  • Condiment ( e.g. chicken serve with mushroom/black pepper sauce )
  • Flavour ( e.g. Ice Cream flavour vanilla, strawberry or chocolate )
  • KP Service Manager as spooler main engine  (manage terminal print queue).

POS Operations

  • Cashier / Product Photo display
  • Discount and Premium
  • GST Management
  • EFT-POS Transaction Ready
  • Store / Vendor Voucher
  • Execution of offers and promotions
  • Deposit / Suspend / Recall Function
  • Non Found Stock Function
  • Split tender / Multiple tender
  • Cashier high / low tender by payment type
  • Cashier maximum discount limit
  • Cashier training mode available
  • Survey and Questionnaire
  • Direct Connection to Network Scale
  • Promoter / Salesperson / Agent commission
  • Customisable receipt header and footer
  • Mid-day Terminal Collection
  • Daily/Periodic X/Z, Transaction/Sales Report
  • Realtime Sales Analysis to HQ with FS Server

Peripheral Interface

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