Price Checker

Scantech ID SG15

Scantech ID SG15 Color Price Verifier

An entry level, small and attractive price checker, its features the latest technology.

The Shuttle SG-15Colour is an entry level, small and attractive price checker. The Shuttle features the latest technology and interfacing is either through Wireless RF or hard wired Ethernet.

The bright display has, depending on the font set, 3 or 5 lines and can display up to 20 characters per line. There is a choice of bar code scanners between the entry level single scan line 1D linear imager scanner and the high performance 24 scan lines omni – directional laser scanner (2D scan engine is also available per customers request). Because of its size and the sympathetic good looks, the Shuttle can be installed anywhere in a store including on the shelves.

This exibility of installation is enhanced by the optional Power-over-Ethernet. The three available standard colours greatly help to t most interiors.

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