Retail POS System Rental Bundle (SST Compliant)

Our company specializes in providing cost-effective options for rent of point-of-sale equipment to support your business’s long- and short-term needs and goals. A lot of customer need it a point of sales system with limited budget.

We offer the POS System solutions that can fulfill your short term demands. We will assist you in every way we can to make it work. Rent a POS system is reliable, cost effective, flexible and scalable.

  • Deliver to your premises / site with training provided
  • SKU data conversion to our POS System
  • Competitive price for short & long term rentals
  • Daily sales / P&L Reports in hardcopy or softcopy in PDF and Excel format

Best Offer in Town!

  • Free Demo
  • Free setup, install and training
  • Free 1 Ribbon RRC-201 Black Color & 1 ply paper roll
  • Free Data Conversion Work (below 100 items)
  • Free online support during office hour (9:00am - 5:30pm)
  • Free delivery and collect back machine during office hour

Rental package that suits your needs

The system comes in two different versions; Retail, and Restaurant so you can rent the product that best suits your needs. Packages can also include onsite installation; training and data conversion if required were as follow:

Retail POS System Rental Package

  • Cougar Point Of Sales Software
  • 19” LED Monitor
  • Zebex Z-3100 CCD Scanner
  • FEC FV-2029M Customer Display
  • Power Star UPS1000VA for back up (While electric Black Out)
  • Mini case CPU
  • BC425 Cash Metal Drawer
  • Bixolon Samsung Printer SRP-275APG (Dot Matrix)
  • Keyboard & Mouse

F&B POS System Rental Package

  • All In One Touch Screen (FEC RT-665D Glaive)
  • Bixolon Samsung Printer SRP-330SG (Thermal)
  • BC-425 Cash Metal Drawer
  • Power Star V1000 for back up (While electric Black Out)
  • Seito Food & Beverage System

Cougar POS Software Screenshots

POS Rental Process Flow

1. System Demonstration

System Support Department will arrange system demonstration for client. Discussion will take place on customer requirements.

2. Quotation

After the discussion, quotation will be given to customer based on the requirements.

3. System Coordination

Excel file will be given to customer for them to fill in all the item data.
Item data will be imported into the system and test run.
Installation date and time will be discuss in this process.

4. System Installation

Before the show date, system will be setup at the roadshow.
Support and training will be provided.

5. System Collection

After the event, we will collect all the machine on the spot. Sales data will be email or send to client later on.

Why to rent POS equipment through us?

  • We offer reasonable price.
  • Cougar Point Of Sales System friendly user.
  • Price can negotiate depends to short terms and long terms rental days.
  • We have enough manpower as a team work to support customer.
  • Immediate service & fast response.

Type of business we offer


Department Store, Supermarket, Convenience store, Specialty Store, Warehouse Sale and Online Store.

Food & Beverage

Hotel, Restaurant, Pubs & Bar, Universities and Colleges, Hospitals, Nightclub.

Our Costs will vary depending on rental day and the level of service required. The systems can be adapted to work in restaurants, bars, retail and hotels. Besides that, our company has close to 14 years’ experience creating POS systems for clients and offer efficient support service thru hotline support (+608-701333).

Looking for POS Rental Service?

Get help from our sales team to learn how to can help to grow your business. Call us at +60 88-701 333.

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