Barcode Scanners

We bring in different brands of barcode scanners, for example, Zebex, Cino, Symbol, Newland and etc. to suit different requirements from our customers.

CINO Barcode Scanners

A compact and durable barcode linear imager for retail and commercial applications.

A durable, long range cordless image scanner for retail and commercial applications.

A sleek and lightweight barcode scanner for retail and commercial applications.

Newland Barcode Scanner

A general-purpose, high- performance CCD hand- held scanner for 1D barcode scanning, suitable for most barcode scanning needs.
HR200C is an allround barcode scanner, suitable for versatile applications.

The HR1550 CE Wahoo 1D handheld barcode scanner is the cordless model of HR15 series.

Designed with the end user in mind, the NLS-HR3280 combines both red and white LEDs, and the ability to use them separately or together to meet the lighting requirements of various applications.

Plug and play Desktop Barcode Scanner

Desktop Barcode Scanner


Zebex Barcode Scanners

Embedded with ZEBEX most advanced decoding technology, with superior scanning performance

Elegant and functional, the Z-6170 leads the trend to the next aesthetical level.

Z-3190BT has wireless connection ability at up to 100M work range. It is able to communicate to devices like laptops and barcode printers

The Z-6182 is a compact vertical scanner empowered with the unique dual-laser technology, enabling 40 scan lines at a rate of 3,600 scans per second.


Symbol Motorola Barcode Scanner

DS9208 offers an affordable next generation scanning technology for today’s mobile world.

LS 7708 mini-slot scanner is the perfect choice for retailers looking for higher throughput and increased productivity.

Black Squirrel XL-2021 OD Omni-directional Barcode Scanner for use in retail stores. This is a low cost alternative for shops to have on counter fixed barcode scanners.

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