SST Ready Cash Registers

At TESB, we provide a wide range of SST Ready Cash Register for all business and retailers. In-line with Malaysian government SST, we have prepared ourselves to serve customers for their daily operations.

Casio Cash Registers

A great selection of colors to match your shop’s personality and image. New SE-G1 colorful cash registers support creative shop design.

The SE-S10 smart cash register combines convenience in setup and day-to-day operation, suits any retail environment.

Casio SE-S100 use color to provide a more refined shopping experience, a stylish addition to your store decor.

Multiple functions for effective operation, and stylish design. A new line of cash registers that helps boost your business.

The SE-C450 electronic cash register provides intelligent functions to offer enhanced flexibility in everyday operation.

The SE-S3000 electronic cash register features 30/60 commodity group keys, a 2-strip printing unit and a subsequent receipt function.

SE-C3500 payment system impresses with its elegant design. The operator-friendly keypad enables easy data input in your store.

A cash register with three line LCD display and high speed thermal printing for all retail environments.

A cash register with three line LCD display and fully-flat keyboard for all hospitality settings. Twin thermal printers for receipt and journal.

The TK-3200 is an outstanding combination with its information intensive Multi-line LCD for simple, accurate store management.

The SE-S6000 Network terminal offers you an efficient way to manage your store with the function to send sales report automatically.

The SE-C6000 Network terminal is best for Food business. It has a combination keyboard with 72 flat PLU.

SR-S500 the next-generation cash register connects to smartphone via Bluetooth ver4.1. with 3000 Plu and single sheet model

SR-S4000 the next-generation cash register connects to smartphone via Bluetooth ver4.1. with 7000 Plu and dual sheet model

Android Base E-POS Terminal

The V-R100 comes with three preset applications for the effective use and management of sales and customer data.

An all-in-one POS terminal that combines a sophisticated body design with a full range of capabilities.

V-R7000 EPos terminal supports retail operations, from small shops to chain stores, and suitable for installation in any location.

  • Fastest growing OS for mobility of data in smartphones
  • Open Source OS
  • Free access to many developer source
  • Easy to develop applications to meet local needs
  • Quality and the success of development under your total control

VR Series contain 3 type of software

  1. OS – Android operation system
  2. IOC – In Out Control
  3. APL– Application ( Cash Register Application)
    > Customer Management module
    > Reservation Management module
  • Casio VR series is an Android base EPOS system that more user friendly to the end user no matter elder or youngster people because they already familiar with Android Smartphone.
  • VR Series have a stylish design and All-In-One product design ( No messy cable at the back of the machine )
  • More stable compare with PC Base POS system.
  • Android is an open sauce Operation System that we can add on any application on it.
  • VR series is more reliable on the touch penal because it not a consumer product. It makes for heavy usage.
  • Low power consumption 20W compare with PC POS 120W (Save 88% electricity cost)
  • Quick start-up and Quick shutdown when power On/Off.
  • No overheating on long hour operation.

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